Daveth Portos


Daveth Portos
For crimes of smuggling, theft and murder
5000gp reward for capture
4000gp reward for information leading to capture
Beware! Assumed armed and extremely dangerous


Daveth Portos is a tall, broad shouldered criminal who led a group of bandits in terrorizing most of Dura, and later, the south-eastern coast of Breland, including Daggerwatch and Moonwatch.

Daveth is an extremely arrogant and cocky individual, willing to stoop to almost any level to gain the most favourable outcome for himself. He is fond of hurling expletives at his foes both in and out of battle, and has been described as a formidable warrior, although this may just be a rumour started by Daveth.

Daveth was captured on the 22nd of Dravago, 998K, and taken back to Sharn, where, upon being escorted to the Citadel to stand trial, he was brutally eviscerated by a minotaur working for the Daask due to his debts with them.

Everything that Daveth owned was stolen from someone else.

Daveth Portos

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