Hubert Klingegeliebter


Hubert is an energetic middle aged man who owns and runs an antique weapons shop near the Bazaar in middle Dura. Hubert is originally from the Lhazaar Principalities and speaks with a strong accent born from speaking numerous different languages from birth.

Hubert is especially interested in old weaponry from the Dhakaani empire and will often pay near full market price for such items, he is also adept at identifying magical weaponry from that time period.

Hubert affords his extravagant hobby due to a turn of fortune during the end of the last war, he cheaply purchased a large quantity of luxury goods which ballooned in price once the war had finished.

Hubert has a wife who hates him and his weapon collection as much as he hates her and her collection of porcelain magical beasts.


Hubert Klingegeliebter

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