Meteor is a somewhat unique Warforged Titan, some have referred to him as the missing link between the warforged Titan and the modern warforged, while he is more intelligent than a standard titan he lacks the spark of life that makes the modern warforged Living Constructs.

Meteor gains his name from the huge mace heads that he has where most warforged have hands, these are enchanted with magical flame that explode upon impact with a foe.

Due to an unfortunate incident when he was first awakened to sentience, Meteor is reluctant to assume responsibility for anything. When given an order, Meteor will often exclaim that he is performing an action to the contrary, or that he is undertaking some perfectly innocent action but no matter what he states he will carry out the action and claim the result was an accident, of someone else’s fault.

Meteor currently resides with The Iron Watch in Stormreach where he is the only warforged large enough to open the giant doors that allow entry to the compound


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