Nate Empattin

City Watch Captain


The Captain of Sharn’s Watch in the Middle Dura area of the city, Nate recognises that he doesn’t have it quite as bad as those tasked to patrol Lower Dura, but still wishes for a better lot in life (the Firelight district for example). For the last several months, he has worked to capture Daveth Portos, who previously resided in the Dura district before escaping Sharn hours before a major sting which would have captured him.

Nate is a fairly well built man who appears to be in his late thirties. He values his job above all else, and is regarded by his men as being a tough, yet approachable leader. Years of working in the Dura district have taught him that chivalry and honour don’t apply down here, and polices the streets accordingly. The sheer amount of work, and the recent escape of Daveth have really gotten to Nate, who is becoming increasingly disillusioned with his lot in life.

Daveth’s capture has led to Captain Empattin’s disposition improving greatly. Although initially shocked and disappointed and Daveth’s swift and relatively painless death, he quickly brightened up again when he realised Daveth would probably have been hung anyway.


Nate Empattin

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