Nelathal is a Tsoreva Quori from Dal Quor, he is tasked with commanding the Psiforged assassins of the Dreaming Dark in Khorvaire. It despises inhabiting the bodies of the Psiforged and only does so if absolutely necessary.

In the direst of situations if the Psiforged are defeated it will create itself a temporary body to inhabit on the material plane, it would most prefer to cross the boundaries of the planes to kill its targets itself.

Once Nelathal has been tasked to kill someone it will pursue them until they are dead, even going as far as attacking them in their dreams, somehow when Renauld awoke from such an attack, he knew the Quori’s name, dreams are strange like that sometimes.

Nelathal was overseeing construction of a Quori Monolith underneath Sharn, his current whereabouts are unknown.


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