Otieak Woodsheart


A gnome wizard who worked for the Brelish army, Otieak Woodsheart took Fade in due to his fascination that she knew some magic to begin with. He trained her in simple cantrips and spells throughout the war, and was generally her confidant and guardian. He grew to care for her as a daughter, and when she saved his life during his attempted kidnapping, he used much of the expertise and gold he had earned to design a replacement arm.

When the end of the war came, he returned to his homeland with Fade. However, Fade could not live the rest of her life in a time of peace, and while he didn’t approve the life she planned for herself, he did give her his blessing, along with the raven Locke and her first spellbook.

His current whereabouts are unknown but he is believed to be in the continent of Xen’drik working for The Dreaming Dark whether his aid is willing or not is unknown.

Otieak Woodsheart

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