Amulet of Peace


This item allows its wearer to distract an attacker with a burst of goodwill, temporarily diverting an attack.

Description: An amulet of peace is formed from sentira. It appears to be a flat disk of smooth blue shell, with four curving rays bending around the central disk. Anyone touching it feels a sense of inner peace.

Activation: Activating an amulet is an immediate action that can be performed up to twice per day by mental command (selected by the wearer).

Effect: The wearer can activate an amulet of peace to oppose an attack roll made against him with a Diplomacy check. The decision to make the check can occur after the attack roll result is known. If the Diplomacy check result equals or exceeds the attack roll result, the attack misses regardless of Armor Class. If an attacker makes multiple attacks against the wearer in a single round, the wearer can oppose them all with a single activation and Diplomacy check. The wearer of the amulet must be aware of an attack in order to oppose it. The amulet has no effect on creatures that are immune to mind-affecting powers.

Aura/Manifester Level: Moderate telepathy. ML 3rd.

Price: 5,000 gp


The amulets were first created by the kalashtar, but are often used by Inspired ambassadors

Amulet of Peace

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