Calming Sentira Breastplate


The emotional resonance of calming armor helps its wearer to clear his mind and focus his thoughts.

Description: The sentira shell of the armor is deep blue in color. It has a strange sense of depth; an observer can stare into the shell, as if looking into the shifting depths of an ocean.

Prerequisite: The calming property can be applied only to armor made from sentira.

Activation: The powers of calming armor are automati­cally activated when it is worn.

Effect: Calming armor grants its wearer a +5 compe­tence bonus on Concentration checks.

Sentira: This bizarre material is wrought by Chosen, Inspired, and (rarely) kalashtar who use powdered crystal and the power of their thoughts and emotions, also draw­ing on the essence of Dal Quor. Sentira items are liter­ally grown into their final form. They have an organic, whorled appearance, much like horn or shell, with a shimmering, opalescent surface. Color varies based on
the emotion used to create the particular batch.
Sentira is lightweight and almost unbreakable. Because of its resonant properties, it is an ideal material for emo­tional armor. Sentira is almost identical to mithral in weight and durability.
Sentira can be formed, sculpted, and repaired only by psionic creatures that have the Craft (sentira) skill.
Such craftspersons, known in Riedra as thoughtweavers, must expend 1 power point for each day of work on a sentira object, whether building or repairing it.


Calming Sentira Breastplate

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