Galvanic Crysteel Longsword+1


Activation: Once per day as a standard action, you can charge a galvanic crysteel blade by touching it and focusing your psychic energy into it by allocating 1 or more power points to the blade. These points are treated as if they had been spent to manifest a power and can be regained normally.

Effect: The Riedran crysteel used in the construction of the weapon increases its enhancement bonus on damage rolls by 1 if you have at least 1 power point. In addition, when the blade is charged, you can allocate up to 5 power points stored within it as part of a melee attack, adding a bonus on damage rolls with the weapon equal to the power points allocated. The decision to allocate power points to damage is made before the attack is rolled. If the attack misses, the points are lost. A galvanic crysteel blade has the capacity to store 20 power points. Power points allocated to a galvanic weapon remain until expended. Once the power points are drained from the weapon, it loses its galvanic properties until charged again, though it retains the properties of Riedran crysteel

Name Damage Crit Type
Longsword 1d8+2+PP expended(max 5) 19-20/×2 Slashing

A galvanic weapon has a blade of Riedran crysteel that can be charged with additional psionic power. Description: Most galvanic crysteel blades are fi nely crafted daggers, scimitars, or longswords. These Riedran crysteel blades have a purplish hue, and small crystals and Siberys dragonshards mounted about the pommel and crossbar glint with an inner light. If psionically charged, these weapons emit a faint amethyst glow when wielded.

Galvanic Crysteel Longsword+1

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