Hobgoblin Longsword

weapon (melee)

+2 Longsword

to hit: +2
damage: 1d8 +2 slashing
Critical: 19-20/×2
Weight: 4lb


This longsword appears to be very old but is still in very good shape.

It most likely dates back 5 or 6 thousand years to the time of the Goblinoid Dhakaani empire. Such swords are handed down within hobgoblin clans, protected from the ravages of time by the magic enchantment. Though still sharp, the magic in the sword is likely far less than when it was originally forged.

The sword belonged to Urz, who passed it on to Fade as a sign of surrender. Deciding Yannar would benefit from its use more than her, Fade gave it to him.

Yannar recently had the longsword enchanted again.

Hobgoblin Longsword

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