Staff of the Magma Falls


Wielding the staff is sufficient to activate its basic combat abilities. Activating the flaming burst ability is a standard action. Using the spells stored in the staff is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Name Damage Crit Type range
Quarterstaff 1d6+1/1d6+1 ×2 Bludgeoning

The staff of the magma falls is a +1 / +1 quarterstaff that allows its wielder to use the following spells

Fireball (1 charge)
Wall of fire (1 charge)
Transmute rock to mud (2 charges)
Summon monster VI (2 charges, fire or earth creatures only)

The wielder can expend 1 charge to make both ends of the staff act as a flaming burst weapon for 10 minutes.

The runes on the iron bands of the staff glow brightly when a possessed creature comes within 100 feet. The runes begin to pulse if such a creature is within 10 feet. The staff has 10 charges when found and gains 4 charges whenever a quori is killed or banished back to dal qour in its vicinity.

Aura/Caster Level:
Moderate conjuration,divination, evocation, and transmutation. CL 20th.
Weight: 5 lb


The staff of the magma falls is one of the destiny arms —a mighty weapon of the giants forged during the war against the quori.

The staff is made from a shaft of pure obsidian resembling a large dripping stalactite. Three
iron bands are placed along its length, and they appear to have melted the obsidian where they touch it. Each of these bands bears faintly glowing red symbols.

Staff of the Magma Falls

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