The Cloud Ant


The Cloud Ant is Aerdane d’Lyrandar’s personal airship. The name of the airship derives from its unusual construction, three hemispherical sections connected by walkways, giving the airship the rough appearance of an ant.

The air elemental bound to the central section is named Azflyr, usually during flight the elemental ring spins on its axis creating a ‘bubble’ of air around the central section however the mechanism was damaged during its recent crash landing and so the ring is stuck in a fixed position.

The Cloud ant is a fairly small airship and is able to be flown by just Aerdane, it can support a crew of up to five but few want to spend more than a few days serving under Aerdane.
Like a real ant the airship can carry more than its size would indicate, there are a number of extradimensional lockers and chests below decks in the hold, leaving enough room for two small cabins below as well as the larger captain’s cabin on the main deck.

The cloud ant was destroyed just north of Xen’drik when a storm elemental attempted to release Azflyr


The Cloud Ant

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