Timeless Fountain


Anyone who drinks from the fountain only ages a single day over the next year, the fountain also nourishes the creature for a single day.

In addition, anyone capable of casting arcane spells can meditate at the fountain for two hours upon which time the flow of water begins to slow down, an hour later the flow has all but stopped and if they drink from the fountain they gain the ability to cast Time Stop once as a spell-like ability.


The fountain appears as a beautiful gleaming white and blue marble fountain, carved with images of giants and dragons working side by side. Water pours from a dragons mouth into a basin which overflows into a channel. Around the fountain’s rim.

The fountain is engraved with images of the highest craftsmanship and ancient Giant runes, There are three distinct images on the fountain;
One image is of Giants sat around in meditation, with the writing: those who reflect upon the rivers of time be granted the power to halt their flow

Another image is of Giants and dragons working side by side, with the writing: Let this fountain stand as proof of the immortal partnership and ineffable power of the giants and dragons, whomsoever drinks of this fountain shall have but a taste of that long lasting kinship

The last image is of Giants and elves being struck down by an unseen force, with the writing: Any who halt the flow of this water shall receive our terrible and final retribution

Timeless Fountain

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