Tag: Crafted


  • Safewing Emblem

    This porcelain pin is sculpted to look like a pair of outstretched white wings. A tiny green stone adorns the center, where the wings meet. [[:fade-yanith | Fade]] crafted her own version of this emblem from the same materials, but with a more elven …

  • Reach Gauntlets

    Each of these gauntlets bears a brass plate set with a faceted pale blue crystal on the back of the hand. Yannar asked Fade to craft the gauntlets for him. She accepted, provided he could pay for the materials.

  • Hat of Disguise

    This hat has been on Renauld's mind since new Cyre and would have been expensive had he bought it from house Cannith. The version Fade crafted cost him much less. she put the same amount of effort as she normally would into designing it, despite the …