Bound elemental vessels

-When the gnomes of Zilargo first discovered the techniques for binding elementals to objects, one of the first applications was the creation of bound elemental vehicles. There are a number of different types of bound elemental vessel being used in Khorvaire topday.

Lightning rail

The lightning rail, owned and operated by House Orien is probably the most famous and iconic use of elemental binding in Khorvaire, there are few members of the five kingdoms that haven’t been on a lightning rail at some point in their life. The lightning rail is pulled along by the elemental bound to the magical engine, the lightning arc which gives the lightning rail its name is caused by the conductor stones which determine the lightning rails path.


If the lightning rail is the most famous creation then the elemental airship is only marginally less famous. First created during the last few years of the war, elemental airships saw very limited use in the conflict due to their high cost and relative fragility. Since the war ended their use has become a lot more widespread and they are primarily owned and operated by House Lyrandar, although a few privateers do exist. The airship is propelled by a bound fire or air elemental which gives the airship its distinctive glowing ring. contrary to popular belief the airship isn’t actually kept aloft by the elemental, the airship hull is constructed of Aerenal soarwood which keeps the airship floating even if the elemental were to somehow escape. Average airships cruise at a speed of around 20mph but can be pushed to go faster for short durations, however doing so for too long can injure or even kill the bound elemental.

Elemental galleon

House Lyrandar also makes use of elemental galleons, ships that can travel across the sea far faster than their mundane counterparts, a typical elemental galleon will have a wind elemental bound to the sails, although some galleons have a water elemental bound to the hull, allowing them to sail smoothly through the sea no matter the conditions. Most elemental galleons are constructed in such a way that upon attaining a certain speed they rise up on two hydrofoils attached to the hull and glide along the surface of the water, travelling like this the elemental galleon can travel at a steady 20mph in any weather condition.


Similar to the Elemental Galleon but with a bound storm elemental, the Stormships were created to be the ultimate naval vessel and succeeded to a point. The Stormship was perpetually surrounded by storms and was capable of calling down lightning on enemy vessels, the turbulent seas and unfavourable weather conditions didn’t affect the Stormship but proved dangerous to any other vessel in the surrounding waters, friend of foe, and so the Stormships saw very little deployment in actual naval battles.

Other vessels

Other bound elemental vessels exist such as the earth elemental land cart and the undersea explorer although these models are few and far between due to the expense of creating them and their relatively limited use.

Bound elemental vessels

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