The Dura Quarter is divided up into three wards; upper middle and lower, each containing several districts:

Upper Dura

Clifftop – Adventurer’s quarter
Daggerwatch – Garrison
Highhold – Dwarf neighborhood
Highwater – Average residential
Hope’s Peak – Temple district
Overlook – Apartment townhomes
Redstone – Shops

Middle Dura

The Bazaar – Marketplace and shops
Broken Arch – Average residential
Hareth’s Folly – Tavern district
Rattlestone – Apartment townhomes
Stormhold – Average residential
Tumbledown – Tenement district
Underlook – Inn district

Lower Dura

Callestan – Inn district
Fallen – Slum
Gate of Gold – Tenement district
Malleon’s Gate – Goblinoid slum
Oldkeep – Apartment townhomes
Precarious – Warehouse district
The Stores – Warehouse district


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