Food and Drink


Ale Ale can be found in almost every settlement in Khorvaire, thanks to the standards set by House Ghallanda the quality and prices are usually fairly standard. Karrnath is famous for it’s ale and a cask of special Karnatth darkwood ale can fetch a high price.
Gallon 2 sp 8 lb.
Mug 4 cp 1 lb.

Wine Made from the fermented juice of grapes or berries, wine is fairly popular among the middle and upper classes of Khorvaire, Aundair is the largest producer of wine although many exotic varieties are produced in the Eldeen Reaches.
Common (pitcher) 2 sp 6 lb.
Fine (bottle) 10 gp 1½ lb.

Goodberry Wine Goodberry wine is created and sold by a small sect of druids in northern Breland. Before the horrific creation and subsequent exploration of the Mournland, goodberry wine was little more than a curiosity for rich nobles. Once it was discovered that goodberry wine retains its potency within the dead grey mists it became highly sought after by mournland explorers and scavengers. A jug of the wine contains five doses, and each dose cures 8 points of damage as well as provides nourishment as if it was a normal meal for a Medium creature. An imbiber benefits from only one dose in a single 8-hour period; drinking additional doses of goodberry wine or eating additional goodberries during this time has no effect.- 250gp

Tal a warm drink made from steeping herbs in boiling water. Known as Tal because it originated with the Ghallanda tribe of the Talenta Plains. Tal can be made with a variety of different herbs and roots and so has a variety of different flavours and uses

Blackroot Ale A dark ale made from blackroot, a root most commonly used to flavour Tal, Blackroot ale has a very bitter flavour and is an acquired taste for most.


Every region of Khorvaire has its own unique culture and regional dishes, from the Tribex stew of the talentan halflings to the mystery gumbo of the shadow marches. Prices vary from place to place but are usually close to the values below;

Banquet (per person) 10 gp —
Bread, per loaf 2 cp ½ lb.
Cheese, hunk of 1 sp ½ lb.
Meals (per day)
Good 5 sp —
Common 3 sp —
Poor 1 sp —
Meat, chunk of 3 sp ½ lb.

Trail Rations These unappetising rations are made from hardy, long-lived foods such as jerky and twice-baked bread, it’s only marginally more tasty than the gruel conjured by the ‘Create food and water’ spell. 5sp can buy enough food for one days travel.

Sarlonan cuisine The typical Sarlonan meal consists of a mixture of vegetables and roots, lightly spiced, this tastes extremely bland to most who aren’t used to it as the flavours are usually very subtle.

Exotic dishes
High class restaurants such as the Noble Wyvern in Sharn serve a variety of exotic dishes from across Khorvaire. These can cost as much as 100gp per dish.

Basilisk Steak- Though the basilisk is often hunted and eaten by the inhabitants of Droaam, choice cuts can be served in the most exclusive restaurants due to the scarcity of the creature.

Talentan Platter- more commonly reffered to as the Dinosaur mixed grill, this dish contains a variety of meats from various species found within the talentan plains

Elemental sorbet- this mildly enchanted dish contains four cups, each representing one of the four classical elements with a unique flavour and appearance.

Food and Drink

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