House Cannith

180px Dragonmarked House COA Cannith

House Cannith is a human Dragonmarked House throughout Khorvaire, although they were once strongly based on Cyre. The artificers and magewrights of House Cannith are responsible for most of the magical innovations of the past millennia. House Cannith made a profit from the Last War by selling arms and warforged soldiers. The house was based in Cyre, but because of the Day of Mourning, the barons of the house are struggling to take control of the House.

House Cannith uses magical research and invention to remain prosperous. Spellcasters are held in high regard, and they use wizards to research magic for new ideas. Their artificers use these ideas to create the items and their sorcerers represent the House to the world by obtaining people and things needed by the house. House Cannith tries to obtain any magic resource that can help them create new things to sell.

House Cannith holds power over the Mark of Making and their Tinkers Guild is widely travelled and respected. The House also boasts a second guild, the Fabricators Guild, made up of members who possess lesser or greater dragonmarks, and are able to not only mend broken items, but create entirely new ones. Those who are not marked usually take on roles as well off artisans, or in rarer cases, mundane tinkers.

The leadeship of House Cannith is currently split, since the main leaders of the House were in Cyre on the day of Mourning. Barron Merrix d’Cannith leads Cannith South based out of Sharn, while Baron Jorlana d’Cannith leads Cannith West from Fairhaven in Aundair and Baron Zorlan d’Cannith leads Cannith East from from an enclave in Korth.

House Cannith

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