House Deneith

180px Dragonmarked House COA Deneith

House Deneith is a human Dragonmarked House based in Khorvaire.

The Blademarks Guild is the mercenary arm of House Deneith, offering their services to cities, nations, and wealthy individuals alike. The Defenders Guild specializes in bodyguards and offers the best in personal security. The Sentinel Marshals are the elite of House Deneith, contracted under the Kingdom of Galifar to pursue criminals across international lines. This service was reaffirmed with the Treaty of Thronehold.

House Deneith has a very strict military hierarchy within the house, each Enclave is run by a Marshal who has a varying number of troops of a lesser rank under his or her command. Each regional group of the Blademarks or Defenders guild is commanded by a general with several captains beneath them and lieutenants beneath them. One exception to the heirarchy is the order of the Sentinel Marshals, each member is roughly equal in rank to a marshal but can commandeer troops as they see fit in the pursuit of justice.

Captain Empattin hired a couple of House Deneith Blademarks to escort Daveth to Sharn’s citadel. The party were also offered employment under House Deneith by Redren d’Deneith, and discovered a rogue Deneith enclave based in New Cyre.

House Deneith

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