House Orien

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House Orien is a human Dragonmarked House located throughout Khorvaire, with it’s main enclave located in Passage, Aundair.

House Orien possesses the Mark of Passage. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to control travel and teleportation. House Orien has secured itself in the infrastructure of Khorvaire with the Lightning Rail.

There are two main guilds within house Orien;

  • The Couriers Guild manages the distribution of mail and mundane messages throughout Khorvaire.
  • The Transportation Guild manages a large number of coaches and caravans (such as the one headed by Jerich Cord) that transport passengers and goods all over the continent, and also operates the Lightning Rail, which travels extensively across the five nations.

Though the two guilds are separate entities, the boundaries between them often blur. The Transportation Guild often carries mail and messages on the Lightning Rail, and the Couriers Guild often deliver goods, and convey passengers on the mail coaches.

The party travelled with Jerich Cord’s House Orien caravan between Sharn and Moonwatch, and later took the Lightning Rail to New Cyre.

House Orien

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