The following rules are in effect that deviate from the rules printed in the various books.

Character creation: roll 4d6 and ignore the lowest six times OR 28 point buy

Plot points; along with action points, each Player is provided with a number of Plot Points used to modify the game with regards to their character
Story modifiers;

I know that guy!- 1PP + a valid reason. A story link is established between a PC and NPC e.g; upon meeting an informant in a tavern a player may hand an Action point to the DM and exclaim “well well well, I haven’t seen you since we last infiltrated that Cyran camp and stole those documents” such an exchange would result in a bonus to the starting attitude of the NPC. This use could also be used to grant combat benefits if the character is revealed to be an old enemy or nemesis.

Is there an opportunity for defenestration?- 1PP. Minor items of the scenery can be added for one plot point, this could be used to add a chandelier to swing across, a barrel to throw down some stairs or a convenient tree to avoid a long fall off a cliff. The item must make sense in the setting (so no chandeliers in caves or trees in the ocean).

How did he survive that?! – all remaining PP. A PC can ignore an attack or effect that would Bring them to -CON HP and kill them, instead the PC survives through some miraculous stroke of luck and is instead reduced to -1HP. This can only be used once per character.

Well that was convenient! – 1PP. Sometimes things just happen, a burning building collapses, the guards arrive, devices malfunction and spells backfire. If things look dire or you’re getting thrashed in combat, spend one PP for something convenient but not impossible to occur. Maybe the floor gives way under the dragon, halting its movement for a couple of rounds. Maybe someone is being held hostage and all you need is a convenient distraction to free them. Maybe it would be convenient for the next Lightning rail engine to arrive just as you knocked the bad guy onto the tracks.

You’re not worth my time! – 1PP. sometimes the villain has a load of minions, these minions are nothing more than PC fodder and hardly worth your time, for one PP you can have an attack instantly dispatch a minion, this must be an attach that could reasonably kill the minion. This can also be used on sentries out of battle if they are unaware of your presence.

Other options may be allowed by the DM providng they make the game more fun, exciting, mysterious or just downright awesome.

Item Crafting:- XP costs of less than 500xp are removed from crafting magic items, Items can be crafted at any time so long as it is possible to buy or acquire appropriate magical materials. Crafting time for magic items will be measured as 4 hours work per 500gp instead of 8 hours work per 1000gp, this means that cheaper magic items like low level scrolls and wands can be made during regular downtime.

XP costs for spells and more expensive items can be offset by buying magical dragonshard components at the cost of 5gp per XP offset, therefore a spell that would usually need 1000XP could be offset by expending 5000GP worth of dragonshards

A variant of the pathfinder simplified skill system is being used as follows;
-All classes get skill points per level as usual but don’t get 4x at level one.
-If a point is spent in a class skill for the first time, that skill gets a +3 bonus.
-There are no penalties for spending points in cross-class skills.

The Toughness feat grants 3HP at level 1, then an additional 1 hp at 4th and every level thereafter.

PCs can drop to -Constitution instead of -10 HP before dying.

Every 5th level players can choose to take average HP if they have rolled low, they can also choose to retrain any feats of class features if they wish.

Psionic Paladin Variant available if wanted.

Sneak attack, skirmish and sudden strike now work on all creature types if applicable (target must still be flanked, denied dex etc.)

Undead and constructs now have 25% fortification (25% chance for a sneak attack to fail) plants, oozes and elementals now have 50% fortification (50% chance for sneak attack to fail) these creature types are still immune to critical hits.

Any spell, item or ability that grants the ability to sneak attack certain creatures that would normally be immune, instead removes the failure chance and deals an additional 2d6 damage.


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