The world of Eberron is blessed with the abundance of magic and nearly all of the races have learned to harness this power in some form. Though these types of magic all appear to be different and unique they all share the same fundamental traits, the most notable being that they all fail to work in an anti-magic field or a zone of dead magic.

Arcane Casters;

Mages; any arcane spellcaster that consciously seeks to learn magic can be called a mage, Wizards, Warmages and Magewrights fall into this category. They generally favour a high intelligence.

Bloodline casters; these spellcasters can manipulate magic due to an inherently magical ancestry or just by virtue of their race. Sorcerers, Warlocks and some races such as the Ogre Magi fall under this category. Bloodline casters often rely on a high charisma or force of will to increase the power of their spells.

Divine Casters;

Belief; Most divine casters claim that their powers are granted to them by their gods although many scholars think that it’s the belief itself that grants the power. Most Belief bast casters gain their power from the worship of a god, others gain powers from an ideology or a cause, many paladins heard the calling from a desire to protect their countries during the last war.

Natural; some divine casters, mostly druids, gain their powers from tapping into the power of the world itself, this gives them the ability to harness the powers of nature and although most spellcasters use this power to protect and preserve nature, it’s not impossible for them to use this power for their own ends.

all divine casters depend on having great wisdom, though some divine disciplines can benefit from being greatly charismatic

Psionic Casters;

Psionicists; most psionic ability is developed through a conscious effort to hone ones mental abilities, though many psionic scholars argue that psionic ability is a completely independent discipline it is actually just another form of manipulating magic.

Wild talent; some people are born with or develop a natural talent for psionic abilities, they share many similarities with sorcerers in that their abilities may be tied to their bloodline or race, other wilders however gained their abilities seemingly at random.


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