Third Kundarak bank of Sharn

This medium sized house kundarak bank serves the dwarven district of Holdfast and surrounding areas

Run by the proud Lord Brannick d’Kundarak, the bank has a number of security measures not found in other house Kundarak banks;

The bank is home to just over thirty Kundarak guards who patrol the grounds in various shifts, Lord Brannick has also purchased four trained Magebred Bears from house Vadalis to patrol the grounds at night and commissioned House Cannith to create him an animated statue to guard the main lobby area.

The whole area of the bank is also subject to a Forbiddance spell, this prevents anyone from teleporting into the bank area and also inflicts significant damage most likely resulting in death, to anyone who enters the premises without uttering the password “Kundarak”

Brannick also has some form of invisible creature guarding the vaults outside of office hours, few know about this creature save for Brannick and the vault guards.

On top of all of this, the bank is designed to the usual house Kundarak standards which keep customers and service areas completely separate and require the use of a personal and master keycharm to open any strongboxes.

Third Kundarak bank of Sharn

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