Year 998YK

Mol, 16th of Dravago (Day One): Kalashtar paladin Yannar Estaph, elf wizard Fade Yanith, changeling druid Renauld Fairhaven and elven duskblade Zanros Dawntracker meet in Nate Empattin’s office and accept the job of capturing Daveth Portos, a bandit who stole something of Renauld’s. They visit the shop where Daveth used to be based, finding a letter from someone named “Q”. After visiting a hotel where Q might have stayed, the party head to the north gate of Sharn, where a merchant named Jerich Cord points them in the direction of some goblins, who in turn tell the party to find a goblin named Gata Gum. The party visit Gata Gum’s shop, where he asks them to retrieve a package for him in return for information. The party accept, and rest for the night in a halfling-run hostel.

Zol, 17th of Dravago (Day Two): The party head under the city in the search for Gata’s package. After confrontations with shifters, beetles, dire rats, a warforged and a hobgoblin warrior, they find the package and return it to Gata. Rather than giving them information, he gives them another task – putting a couple of halfling drug dealers out of business. The party visit the monstrous Daask, who put them in the direction of the Fockle brothers.

Wir, 18th of Dravago (Day Three): The party visit Jamgretor Fockle at his stall and warn him away. He returns home to discuss the matter with his brother, Diveak. The party invade the apartment, and after being attacked by two Talenta clawfoot dinosaurs, kill Diveak and convince Jamgretor to leave Sharn. The party visit Gata, who tells them that they might find Daveth in the town of Moonwatch. The party join Jerich’s caravan and leave Sharn, camping by a wood at night.

Zor, 19th of Dravago (Day Four): The party travels with Jerich’s carvan.

Far, 20th of Dravago (Day Five): The party travels with Jerich’s caravan.

Sar, 21st of Dravago (Day Six): Jerich’s caravan arrives in Moonwatch. The party visit the tavern, which has been trashed by Daveth’s bandits. Yannar heals Jorge Balder the landlord, who directs the party to the coastal town of Seawell. The party travel there, reaching it by nightfall. A Kalashtar barman named Katzura tells them that there has been no communication from the lighthouse recently, and the party investigate. There, they find the lighthouse keeper and his family dead, and the lighthouse haunted by restless spirits. After giving the family a proper burial, Renauld finds a magical lantern, which leads the party to a bandit camp on the beach. The party slaughter the bandits, but not before finding out that Daveth has moved on to Seawell.

Sul, 22nd of Dravago (Day Seven): In the early hours, the party reach Seawell, and disable many of the bandits. They finally reach Daveth, but he escapes on a covered wagon. Going after him, the party are attacked by an earth elemental, but manage to defeat it. After resting, they catch up with Daveth north of Seawell, and Yannar manages to disable the bandit. The party return to Seawell with Daveth in tow and rest for the night at Katzura’s inn.

Mol, 23rd of Dravago (Day Eight): The party wait for Daveth to recover, and after a useless interrogation, take him to Moonwatch, where they stay at Jorge’s tavern.

Zol, 24th of Dravago (Day Nine): The party hire horses and set out for Sharn.

Wir, 25th of Dravago (Day Ten): The party travel towards Sharn.

Zor, 26th of Dravago (Day Eleven): The party travel towards Sharn. Aureon’s Crown festival held in Sharn.

Far, 27th of Dravago (Day Twelve): The party reach Sharn and leave Daveth with Empattin. They cash their reward, and then stock up on supplies. Renauld searches for his lost possession, coming up with the names of a few fences, including Gata.

Sar, 28th of Dravago (Day Thirteen): Renauld visits potential fences, but has no luck in retrieving his item. The party are later contacted by the Watch, who offer them the job of escorting Daveth to the citadel the following morning. Fade constructs a magical brooch, which she gifts to Yannar.

Sul, 1st of Nymm (Day Fourteen): The party escort Daveth from the Daggerwatch garrison in the early morning. En route to the citadel, they are attacked by gnolls, an ogre, and finally a minotaur, all sent by The Daask. The minotaur kills Daveth, only to be chased off by Q, firing a crossbow from an impossible distance away. After a heated argument, Renauld breaks off from the party. A representative of House Deneith offers employment to Yannar, Fade and Zanros, while a representative of House Medani visits Renauld with a similar offer. The party meet up, and decide to take House Medani up on their invitation.

Mol, 2nd of Nymm (Day Fifteen): The party meet with Baron Trelib d’Medani, who makes their employment official. In order to facilitate their employment, the party rent an apartment in the Clifftop district. Fade crafts a pair of gauntlets for Yannar. The party are later met by their landlord, Boll Soranathson, who informs them about the dragons that live nearby, including the inquisitive Fightman. That night, Yannar asks Fade to clarify their relationship, and they later make love for the first time.

Zol, 3rd of Nymm (Day Sixteen): The party are given their first job for House Medani – to travel to New Cyre and investigate a mysterious communiqué from Brina d’Medani. The party catch the House Orien lightning rail to Starilaskur. En route, Yannar encounters a young man being abused by two other men, but the young man refuses help. The party sleep in their private booth.

Wir, 4th of Nymm (Day Seventeen): In the morning, the lightning rail is attacked by an arrowhawk. The party agree to take care of the problem, and after a skirmish atop the train, defeat the creature. The party leave the train at Starilaskur, and take a House Orien coach to New Cyre. They reach the town by nightfall, and stay in a House Ghallanda inn.

Zor, 5th of Nymm (Day Eighteen): The party investigate the closed House Medani building in New Cyre, finding a traumatized Brina. After some coaxing, she tells the party to investigate the disappearance of a young Cyran refugee named Tolden Fond. After much inquiry, they are directed to the slums of New Cyre, where they meet Tolden’s father, Art, who informs the party that his son has been missing for four weeks, ever since setting out to join one of the Dragonmarked Houses. After asking at a few offices, Fred Hatsworth at the House Cannith office says that Brina was also investigating the Dragonmarked Houses, visiting House Deneith last. After a confrontation with an unhelpful marshal, the party decide to break into the House Deneith building after dark. There, they find a cryptic reference to a “New Cyre South Facility”.

Far, 6th of Nymm (Day Nineteen): The party investigate the New Cyre South Facility, discovering that members of House Deneith occasionally travel south by cart. After purchasing horses from a local farmer, the party follow a cartful of House Deneith members to the facility in the mountains. Inside the facility, they find caged creatures and a gladiatorial arena. The marshal, Iden ir’Kerrith, has the party fight the animated corpses of a pair of hobgoblins. The party manage to defeat Iden, and Zanros kills him. In the basement of the facility, Renauld finds a note from Iden stating that his stolen property is elsewhere, as well as evidence that Tolden Fond has met a similar fate to the hobgoblins. The party leave the facility to find that their horses have been stolen. Seeing no other option, they begin walking back to New Cyre.

Sar, 7th of Nymm (Day Twenty): The party reach New Cyre in the morning and sleep until midday. They return to the House Medani enclave and tell Brina of their findings. Brina tells the party of an airship that will take them back to Sharn. Yannar donates some money to the building of New Cyre, while the rest of the party visit Art Fond and inform him of his son’s fate. The party, and Brina, rest for the night at the Dog Pack Inn.

Sul, 8th of Nymm (Day Twenty-One): The party meet a wizard named Juffrey the Pale, who tells them that the House Lyrandar airship that was to take them back to Sharn has disappeared. The party head to an abandoned mining town outside of New Cyre, and head into the network of caves there. Inside, the party meet numerous strange creatures, and find the crashed airship. Its pilot, Aerdane d’Lyrandar tells the party that the ship, the Cloud Ant, got caught in the middle of a war between half-orcs and four-armed goblins. The party meet with the leader of the gremlins, a bizarre eyeless creature, and agree to defeat the half-orcs. After doing this, Aerdane takes the party back to New Cyre, where repairs on the Cloud Ant begin.

Mol, 9th of Nymm (Day Twenty-Two): The party take the Cloud Ant back to Sharn, where they have the various items they have procured appraised.

Zol, 10th Nymm (Day Twenty Two): Zanros gains a bat familiar he names Bruce and Fade works on a hat of disguise for Renauld, meanwhile Baron Trelib d’medani informs Renault that his box is secured in a house Kundarak bank. Renauld tries a quick infiltration but is stopped by one of the bank’s many security protocols.

Wir, 11th Nymm (Day Twenty Three): The party visits Baron Trelib who has a job for them, he asks them to infiltrate the house kundarak bank containing Renauld’s box and to retrieve the contents of house Deneith’s lockbox. To access the lockbox they must get a keycharm from Talia d’deneith. Renauld attempted to seduce Talia to gain her keycharm but failed.

Zor, 12th Nymm (Day Twenty Four): Renauld comes up with a plan to obtain the keycharm, the party visit their old pal Gata Gum to enquire about some blueprints and then stake out Talia’s apartment building. They find Talia’s apartment and later on Fade and Renauld successfully relieve Talia of her Keycharm

Far, 13th Nymm (Day Twenty Five): Fade makes a deposit to get an idea of the bank’s security, Gata delivers a name, Rurin d’Sivis. The party make contact with Rurin and meet him in the King of Fire, he provides them with a plan of the banks and information about the various wards and traps that protect it.

Sar, 14th Nymm (Day Twenty Six): The party prepare during the day and then later on begin their heist. Renauld’s four successfully infiltrate the bank and retrieve his box and the contents of the Deneith lockbox, they make a swift escape and retreat back to the apartment. Renauld discovers that his box does not contain its expected contents and later has a strange dream.

Sul, 15th Nymm (Day Twenty Seven): The party deliver the recovered paperwork to Baron Trelib, Fade crafts Yannar a Brooch of Stability. Baron Trelib appears at the apartment during the evening and tells the Party they need to travel to the warehouse 12, red pier. The party travel to the warehouse and find Redren d’Deneith who is in posession of the contents of Renaulds box, The Royal Key of Galifar. It is discovered that Redren is somehow posessed by Iden and intends to use the key to restart the last war, the party are ambushed by a dozen Psiforged. The Party manage to defeat the psiforged but are attacked by Nelathal, the Quori who was directing the psiforged, they manage to defeat it and discover Baron Trelib outside. Baron Trelib reveals that the deneith paperwork revealed Zelina was being held in the warehouse and is distraught to learn she wasn’t inside. Renauld is later attacked by Nelathal in his dreams

Mol, 16th Nymm (Day Twenty Eight): The party meet with Baron Trelib who informs them that Zelina was last seen investigating silversmiths due to the Silver Basilisk of house Medani being stolen. The party investigate a number of silversmiths but don’t find any conclusive evidence, when they return to Trelib he deduces that Victor Saint-Demain a disgruntled former contractor is behind Zelina’s disappearance. The party investigate Victor’s office in the clifftop district and find paperwork indicating that he plans to derail a lightning rail and crash it into platform 12 of Sharn’s Terminus station. The party hurry to the Terminus station and manage get Baron Trelib off the platform before the two engines collide, they defeat the bound elementals which were released and find a note delivered by a gargoyle via an arrow fired at Trelib. The party manage to track Victor to an old church in the gate of gold district and after fighting through several of his lackeys, defeat him and rescue Zelina from the sabotaged bell she was strapped to. The party return Zelina and Victor to the house Medani enclave much to the delight of Baron Trelib. Renauld has another nightmare in which Zanros attacks him.

Zol, 17th Nymm (Day Twenty Nine): The PCs meet with Baron Trelib in the morning, he rewards each of them with 10,000gp contained in a house Kundarak account. Renauld looks for Redren at the houde Deneith enclave in Sharn and the Party try and decide where to head next. They decide on some retail therapy and are interrogated by Maxwell Dowellwell of the Sharn Inquisitive. The Party headed to the library to find out all they could about Dal Quor and the Quori.

Wir, 18th Nymm (Day Thirty):
The party look for a cure to Renaulds nightly attacks and find the Kalashtar community in the Overlook district, they consult with Hanamelk and Havakhad gives Renauld a magical item to stop the dreams.

Zor, 19th Nymm (Day Thirty One):
The Party find they have made the headline, though anonymously, and have a relaxing day off.

Far, 20th Nymm (Day Thirty Two):
Trelib returns from Wroat with grave news about Redren and the political state of Khorvaire, Havakhad arrives suddenly with an urgent mission, Hanamelk had a vision of a Quori monolith beneath Sharn and the party goes to investigate with Havakhad in tow. The Party find a large group of Riedrans constructing the monolith in the cogs beneath Sharn, after fighting several Riedrans and Nelathal they manage to destroy it and escape the resultant explosion.

Sar, 21st Nymm (Day Thirty Three): Maxwell Dowelwell reveals himself to be an agent of The Trust and asks Fade about Otiek Woodsheart’s current whereabouts. Later that day the party receive invitations to the Tain Gala

Sul, 22nd Nymm (Day Thirty Four):

Mol, 23rd Nymm (Day Thirty Five):

Zol, 24th Nymm (Day Thirty Six):

Wir, 25th Nymm (Day Thirty Seven):

Zor, 26th Nymm (Day Thirty Eight):

Far, 27th Nymm (Day Thirty Nine):

Sar, 28th Nymm (Day Forty):

Sul, 1st Lharvion (Day Forty One):

Mol, 2nd Lharvion (Day Forty Two):

Zol, 3rd Lharvion (Day Forty Three):

Wir, 4th Lharvion (Day Forty Four):

Zor, 5th Lharvion (Day Forty Five):

Far, 6th Lharvion (Day Forty Six): The party attend the Tain Gala

Sar, 7th Lharvion (Day Forty Seven): The party are attacked by Talia in the early hours of the morning after leaving the Tain Gala. The party Liase with Trelib and arrange for passage to Aundair with Aerdane.

Sul, 8th Lharvion (Day Forty Eight): The party embark for Fairhaven aboard the Cloud Ant

Mol, 9th Lharvion (Day Forty Nine): The party are attacked by a Dragonhawk on the journey to Fairhaven

Zol, 10th Lharvion (Day Fifty): The party arrive in fairhaven and begin their investigations, they observe the house Deneith enclave and discover Morthen Bale

Wir, 11th Lharvion (Day Fifty One): The party continue investigating and find that Talia is due in Fairhaven imminently, Renaulds attempts at subterfuge are uncovered and lead to a battle with two Deneith officers with the minds of Iden. after defeating them the party rescue Saal Caldemus from the same fate. The party and Saal depart for Sharn late that evening.

Zor, 12th Lharvion (Day Fifty Two): The party Travel back to Sharn

Far, 13th Lharvion (Day Fifty Three): The party arrive in Sharn late in the evening. Renauld goes to see Teelib, Fade and Yannar take Saal to the overlook district and Zanros returns to the apartment. They all eventually return to the apartment and turn in for the night.

Sar, 14th Lharvion (Day Fifty Four): Both Hanamelk and Trelib ask to see the party, they go to Hanamelk first who attempts a procedure to separate Saal’s memories from Iden’s, it doesn’t go as planned and the party have to defeat a Warforged Titan from Saal’s memories and then defeat Iden within his memory of Dal Quor. The party succeed in the procedure and Saal regains control of both his and Iden’s memories, he goes back to the apartment to collect his thoughts, Zanros and Renauld report to Trelib and then return for a briefing by Saal, during the briefing Fade detects that the party is being scried upon.
Fade, Yannar and Renauld visit Trelib again, Renauld goes to ask Hanamelk for another dream-inhibiting item to give to the King.
A Warforged turns up at the apartment and asks for Fade, it waits until everyone is present and ushers the party down into the cogs, there they are presented with a series of challenges before they meet with Merrix d’Cannith who wishes to know the whereabouts of his son, the party leave unable to provide him with much information.

Sul, 15th Lharvion (Day Fifty Five): The party decde to head to Q’Barra, they inquire about transport and are informed that a Lyrandar ship is sailing in seven days. Saal departs for Fairhaven with the intention of impersonating Iden there.

Mol, 16th Lharvion (Day Fifty Six):

Zol, 17th Lharvion (Day Fifty Seven):

Wir, 18th Lharvion (Day Fifty Eight):

Zor, 19th Lharvion (Day Fifty Nine):

Far, 20th Lharvion (Day Sixty): The party recieve a package from Saal containing four rings of protection. They decide to experiment with a mysterious rod given to them by Merrix d’Cannith and find it to be a Rod of Ropes.

Sar, 21st Lharvion (Day Sixty One):

Sul, 22nd Lharvion (Day Sixty Two): The party depart for Q’Barra aboard the Lyrandar wind galleon the Flying Nimbus.

Mol, 23rd Lharvion (day Sixty Three):

Zol, 24th Lharvion (day Sixty Four):

Wir, 25th Lharvion (day Sixty Five): The party enter Daargun waters.

Zor, 26th Lharvion (day Sixty Six):

Far, 27th Lharvion (day Sixty Seven):

Sar, 28th Lharvion (day Sixty Eight): The party leave Daargun waters and enter the seas south of the mournland, Yannar is attacked by one of the Riedran passengers and the Riedrans are confined to their quarters.

Sul, 1st Barrakas (day Sixty Nine): The party enter Valenar waters.

Mol, 2nd Barrakas (day Seventy):

Zol, 3rd Barrakas (day Seventy One):

Wir, 4th Barrakas (day Seventy Two):

Zul, 5th Barrakas (day Seventy Three):

Far, 6th Barrakas (day Seventy Four): The party arrive in Newthrone

Sar, 7th Barrakas (day Seventy Five): The party investigate the city, Renauld infiltrates a Riedran forge and the party return in the evening and attempt to destroy it, they fail but damage or destroy most of the contents.

Sul, 8th Barrakas (day Seventy Six): The Party are approached by White-Eyes the Lizardfolk ambassador who talks to the party about getting rid of the Riedrans. The party head out east into the jungle to a lizardfolk camp where they stay the night.

Mol, 9th Barrakas (day Seventy Seven): The Flying Nimbus departs Newthrone. The party fly north on the lizardfolk’s Glidewings

Zol, 10th Barrakas (day Seventy Eight):

Wir, 11th Barrakas (day Seventy Nine):

Zul, 12th Barrakas (day Eighty): The party arrive in the lizardfolk city of Ka’Rhashan.

Far, 13th Barrakas (day Eighty One): The party enter the obsidian city, looking for the heart of the dragon. After fighting through several devilish creatures they recover the Heart and help fend off and attack from the blackscale lizardfolk.

Sar, 14th Barrakas (day Eighty Two): The party return to consult with the dragon below Ka’Rhashan and defeat the Rakshasa that was imprisoned there. They attempt to scout out the city but are foiled by its mazelike structure.

Sul, 15th Barrakas (day Eighty Three): The party assist the Lizardfolk in moving the heart to a tower deep within the city, they are assaulted by several blackscale lizardfolk along the way and though they are eventually victorious and slay the blackscale chief, Zanros is killed. The party encounter the dragon Rhashaak

Mol, 16th Barrakas (day Eighty Four): The party depart for Newthrone
Zol, 17th Barrakas (day Eighty Five):
Wir, 18th Barrakas (day Eighty Six):
Zar, 19th Barrakas (day Eighty Seven): The party arrive back in Newthrone and leave Zanros’ Body in the care of House Jorasco. They sell some of the treasures found in Ka’Rashan
Far, 20th Barrakas (day Eighty Eight): The party Receive a letter from the Inspired Altaresh, they encounter him holding Edward Tarmik captive, after a swift battle they escape from the Inspired garrison with Edward in tow.
Sar, 21st Barrakas (day Eighty Nine): The party lay low for the day, Renauld goes to get some items identified and scouts out the Riedran quarter.
Sul, 22nd Barrakas (day Ninety):
Mol, 23rd Barrakas (day Ninety One):
Zol, 24th Barrakas (day Ninety Two):
Wir, 25th Barrakas (day Ninety Three):
Zar, 26th Barrakas (day Ninety Four):
Far, 27th Barrakas (day Ninety Five):
Sar, 28th Barrakas (day Ninety Six):
Sul, 1st Rhaan (day Ninety Seven):
Mol, 2nd Rhaan (day Ninety Eight):
Zol, 3nd Rhaan (day Ninety Nine):
Wir, 4th Rhaan (day One Hundred):
Zar, 5th Rhaan (day One Hundred and One):
Far, 6th Rhaan (day One Hundred and Two):Flying Nimbus arrives in Newthrone
Sar, 7th Rhaan (day One Hundred and Three):
Sul, 8th Rhaan (day One Hundred and Four):
Mol, 9th Rhaan (day One Hundred and Five): Flying Nimbus departs from Newthrone

Party travel back to Sharn

Sar, 21st Rhaan (Day One Hundred and Seventeen): The party arrive back in Sharn on the Flying Nimbus, Zanros’ body is left with House Jorasco while funeral preparations are made.

Sul, 22nd Rhaan (Day One Hundred and Eighteen): Funeral of Zanros Dawntracker.
Mol, 23rd Rhaan (Day One Hundred and Nineteen): Renauld departs for Wroat, Yannar and Fade find Aerdane in the Bears Crown tavern, Fade meets with Merrix and then Trelib.
Zol, 24th Rhaan (day One Hundred and Twenty): Fade and Yannar meet with Ievan d’lyrandar about Aerdane and the cloud ant
Wir, 25th Rhaan (day One Hundred and Twenty One): Yannar and Fade meet again with Ievan and propose a meeting in 2 weeks to arrange a flight to Xen’Drik, Renauld arrives back in Sharn.

Fade crafts armour for Renauld, Yannar is taught by Hanamelk how to destroy monoliths.

Zor, 5th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Twenty Nine): Fade finishes crafting Renauld’s Wilding Armour. The party head to Truestrike Bowyers and confront Q. The party meet again with Ievan and explain they want to depart as soon as possible.
Far, 6th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty): Yannar and Aerdane meet with Ievan, Fade investigates the elemental binding disk, Renauld has a date with Zelina.
Sar, 7th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty One):The party meet with Trelib and prepare for their trip.
Sul, 8th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Two): The party depart for Xen’drik, Aerdane makes his intentions to steal the cloud ant and is killed by a Construct enforcer, Q makes his presence known and the construct is pushed overboard.
Mol, 9th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Three):The party continue on towards Xen’drik, wrestling to control Azflyr the bound elemental.
Zol, 10th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Four): The party sight Xen’Drik but are attacked by a storm elemental seeking to free Azflyr, after a short battle Azflyr is freed and the elementals leave, the cloud ant is damaged beyond repair so Renauld flies the party to a nearby island. The party discover Three-Barrel Cove and rest
Wir, 11th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Five): The party look for passage to Xen’drik, Scurvy Joe agrees to take them if they beat the current arena champion Clanker. Renauld defeats Clanker and the party head to Stormreach where they are attacked by Drown in the forest. The party reach Stormreach and rest up at the Hammersmiths arms.
Zor, 12th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Six): The party explore Stormreach and try to find any clues as to the whereabouts of Aaren d’Cannith. Channa d’cannith informs them of a Ziggurat about 60 miles south of Stormreach that may be worth investigating.
Far, 13th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Seven): The party search for a guide to the Ziggurat, being unsuccessful with the giants and native dorw they locate a Thri-Kreen who can aid them.
Sar, 14th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Eight): The party depart with the Thri-Kreen for the Ziggurat, they arrive later that day, somehow covering days worth of travel in a few hours. The party sneak past the drow that live around the ziggurat and fight their way deep into the interior. They defeat two warforged titans and find evidence of Aaren d’Cannith being here. On the way out they encounter a giant who appears to have slain all of the Drow, he asks for a small shard the party found and then leaves, the party find their Thri-Kreen guide who teleports them all back to Stormreach.
Sul, 15th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Thirty Nine): The party head back to Channa d’Cannith who claims she has no recollection of the party. Fade discovers a draft letter from Aaren d’Cannith in the magically-erased journal she found.
Mol, 16th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty): The party visit the Thri-Kreen once more but find many of them have been killed by an unknown agent of the Dreaming Dark, the party manage to defeat the mysterious figure but it is immediately teleported away by two Inspired. The party decide it is safer to stay somewhere else, after discovering the Riedran consulate in the Harbor district they find lodgings in the opposite side of the city.
Zol, 17th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty One): The party return to the Thri-Kreen who refuses to take them to Dar Qat, but offers to show them the path that leads to it. He gives them several magic stones to trade for goods in the marketplace. The party return to the Thri-Kreen and are teleported to the frozen south, they battle the blizzard and a Frost Worm to eventually reach a giant fortress buried in the mountain and ice, they sneak their way past giants, frost wolves and a hydra before defeating a half-white dragon frost giant abomination and resting in a hidden crevice.
Wir, 18th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Two): The Party continue exploring, they find a chamber containing Gungir, the guardian of the Maul of Glacial Heights. Gungir challenges them and finds them worthy of wielding the maul. S’N introduces himself and then teleports the party back to Stormreach.
Zor, 19th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Three): Edward is met by Q who warns the party not to trust the Thri-Kreen, The party head to S’N who teleports them to the next artefact however they are halted before they reach their destination, the party trek on and eventually reach a ruin with a fountain at the centre, they are informed by the two Drow that reside there that they can’t leave the area without dropping dead, Fade investigates the fountain and translates giant runes throughout the night.
Far, 20th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Four): Fade translates the runes and meditates on the Eternal fountain to gain some of its powers, the party search the area and find a hidden door down into a chamber below. After defeating some construct guardians the party find the cause of the curse, a dragonshard with a poison aura and a slightly damaged runic circle which staves off the effect, Fade begins to repair the circle, the rest of the party rests so Renauld can prepare the spell needed to restore the rune circle.
Sar, 21st Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Five): The party succeed in restoring the rune circle and set off, they meet S’N who teleports them to the middle of a desert. They head towards a gigantic sand dome and eventually make their way inside through the sand wall. They head to an oasis at the centre of the dome and rest.
Sul, 22nd Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Six): The party investigate. the ruin and follow a trail leading to the sand wall, they encounter a dead ogre and find the holy symbol of the path of Inspiration on it. They return to the Ruin and encounter the faint image of a sand giant who informs them that the spear has been stolen. They hurry to the south with S’N to locate the spear, they eventually come to a settlement of several Riedrans, the party infiltrate and eventually confront the Inspired leader. The party defeat the leader and her assistant and reclaim the spear, they destroy the monolith and try to leave. As the party try to leave two Quori appear and attack, enraging the inhabitants of the settlement as they do, the party defeat them all with the aid of the Thri-Kreen Pak and head back to the ruins in the sand dome. They return and then claim the spear, they defeat the guardian of the oasis and gather up as many platinum coins as they can carry. S’N teleports everyone back to Stormreach where they find and inn for the night, Edward heads to the pink conch.
Mol, 23rd Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Seven): The party is attacked by an Inspired and a changeling posing as Edward, Edward arrives not long after and the party kill the changeling and drive off the Inspired. The party cash in their accumulated wealth at the Kundarak bank and talk to S’N who cannot find the next artefact. Q approaches the party claiming he has located the next artefact.
Zol, 24th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Forty Eight): The party heads to the house Lyrandar airship tower to depart upon the cloud ant, the party and Q then depart for their destination.

Far, 27th Sypheros (day One Hundred and Fifty One): The airship arrives at its destination, a large lake in central Xen’drik, the party investigate the astral prison and recover the third artefact, they then depart for Stormreach in the evening.

Mol, 2nd Aryth (Day one hundred and Fifty Four): The party are intercepted by the Death Giant Prokres and hand over an artefact they recovered from the Astral prison to him. They arrive back in Stormreach later that day.
Zol, 3rd Aryth (Day one Hundred and Fifty Five): The party divide their loot and visit S’N who reveals that Prokres will destroy Stormreach, the party search Stormreach for information and allies against Prokres.
Wir, 4th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Fifty Six): The party book passage to the Titans teeth on a Lyrandar airship and prepare for the battle ahead.
Zor, 5th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Fifty Seven): The party depart for the Titans Teeth with their allies to confront Prokres.

Sar, 7th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Fifty Nine): The party confront Prokres and after a tough battle in which Edward becomes a ratdefeat him, they manage to stop an incursion by the ancient Titans but Pak is lost during the battle. The party then begin the journey back to Stormreach.

Zol, 10th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Two): The party arrive back in Stormreach, they sell the treasure gained from Prokres and Edward reveals himself to be afflicted with the curse of the Wererat.
Wir,11th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Three): The Party meet with S’N who reveals that he knows the location of the next artefact. He teleports them to a volcano fortress where they help a group of Azer defend it from Riedran invaders, they meet the dragon Sariximmexl who is in posession of the last artefact, they ask for it but he refuses. The party leave the fortress and rest.
Zor, 12th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Four): The party head back to the fortress and defeat Sariximmexl, They claim the Staff of the Magma Falls and the Dragon’s treasure and Fade returns the Azer to Fernia, S’N returns the party to Stormreach where they are confronted by Damoseth who nearly siezes the artefacts, the part eventually manage to drive him off.
Far, 13th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Five): The party talk to Q about the moonbreaker weapon and the possibility of destroying the Quori, they consult with Orset on the matter, Edward robs a house.
Sar, 14th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Six): The party teleport back to Sharn to continue researching the effects of destroying Dal Quor, they eventually return to Stormreach and decline Qs offer, the party book airship travel to Dar Qat, Edward agrees to take on another job for Carther and the bilge rats
Sul, 15th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Seven): The party delay the airships departure and prepare for Edwards job, he departs to rob Hassalac Chaar, he is caught in a trap but manages to escape. The party eventually meet up at the bilge rats HQ and Carther is killed.
Mol, 16th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Eight): The party prepare to depart to Dar Qat but are informed that the airship won’t travel that far. They contact S’N who informs them that Fade should be able to teleport them all there, he also gives them a crystal to stop time in an area, allowing them to rest. The party prepare for the rest of the day and teleport to Dar Qat in the evening. The Party successfully infiltrate Dar Qat and make their way to the main palace, they defeat an angelic Inspired and rescue Fade’s master Otiek, they defeat a Quorforged Colossus and then use S’Ns gift to rest. They eventually reach Damoseth, they defeat him and several ‘spare’ bodies and eventually banish his spirit. The part destroy the remaining bodies and find Aaren d’Cannith, they knock him unconscious after a brief battle, Fade teleports herself, Otiek and Aaren back to house Cannith, the party rest in Aaren’s lab and Fade rests in their Sharn apartment with Otiek.
Zol, 17th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Sixty Nine): Fade returns to Dar Qat and the party head outside, after dispersing the crowds of Riedrans waiting outside the palace the party manage to destroy the largest monolith and set the smaller one to explode before teleporting back to Sharn, the party have a well-earned rest before Renauld realises Martin was left behind in Stormreach
Wir, 18th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Seventy): The party teleport to Stormreach and retrieve Martin from the Giants of Rusheme, They return to Sharn and Fade teleports herself and Otiek to Trolanport
Zor, 19th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Seventy One):Otiek urges Fade to return to Sharn to avoid being interrogated by the Trust, Edward tries to sell some of his ill-gotten gains.
Far, 20th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Seventy Two): Fade identifies all of Edwards magical items as fakes except for one which is a warning from Hassalac Chaar, he disposes of the items in the house Deneith Enclave.
Sar, 21st Aryth (Day one Hundred and Seventy Three): Edward moves to a nicer house and the party make plans to travel to the Eldeen Reaches
Sul, 22nd Aryth (Day one Hundred and Seventy Four): The party teleport to Delethorn and talk with Carnelian Duke, they then set out for Greenheart to speak with the gatekeeper druids.

Far, 27th Aryth (Day one Hundred and Seventy Nine): The party arrive at Greenheart and are directed to where the Riedrans are helping the Gatekeeper druids.

Mol, 2nd Vult (Day one Hundred and Eighty Two): The party arrive at the Aberrant Scar and meet its defenders including the Shifter Ashwan, the orcish druid Ormok and the inspired leader Alkaresh, they set up camp and stay the night.
Zol, 3rd Vult (Day one Hundred and Eighty Three): The party watch over the planar breach to Xoriat, the day passes uneventfully but at night two beholders come throught the portal, they are defeated although several Riedrans and wardens are killed.
Wir, 4th Vult (Day one Hundred and Eighty Four):
The party consult with the spirit of Vvaraak, who informs them that the barrier between the planes weakening is due ot actions on Xoriat, the party make plans to head there and Fade seeks out a scroll of greater plane shift
Zor, 5th Vult (Day one Hundred and Eighty Five): Fade and Yannar teleport to southern Droaam to meet a mysterious character who gives them the spell Fade was looking for and asks them to retrieve specimens from Xoriat. The party reconvene in the Eldeen reaches and Ormok removes the seal to allow them and Ashwan to travel to Xoriat. The party traverse the bizarre plane and find the source of the planar breach: a giant brain-like flower thing controlled by a mind-flayer, it dominates Ashwan but is eventually defeated. Renauld is nearly flung into the depths of the plane by the Beholder banished by Fade but is saved and the beholder defeated.

Sul, 8th Vult (Day One Hundred and Eighty Eight): The party return to Eberron outside the tower where Fade recieved the greater planeshift scroll, not aware of the time that has passed. They teleport back to the apartment and rest.
Mol, 9th Vult (Day One Hundred and Eighty Nine): The party is summoned to house Medani and discover they have lost several days travelling to and from Xoriat, they are asked to report to Wroat to see baron Trelib there. They return with Ashwan to the aberrant scar and then return to Sharn.
Zol, 10th Vult (Day One Hundred and Ninety): The party travel to Wroat where Trelib asks them to assist with security on the King’s parade, the party patrol the parade route but find nothing suspicious.
Wir, 11th Vult (Day One Hundred and Ninety One): The party continue investigating and find signs that the terrorist group The Emerald Claw may be in town and that a couple of bodies have gone missing from the cemetery, they find little else though and prepare for the parade the following day.
Zor, 12th Vult (Day One Hundred and Ninety Two): The party follow the parade as it progresses around Wroat, as it crosses the King’s bridge Renauld spots several Emerald claw agents in an attic room overlooking the parade, portions of the bridge collapse, an emerald claw martyr transforms into a Nightwalker and a group of Cyrans attack Prince Oargev. Eventually the party contain the threats but Boranel’s youngest daughter Wroann has been shot. Yannar restores life to Wroann and the procession is called off as the royalty are teleported back to the palace. The party make their way back to the Medani enclave and after dispersing an inquisitive mob teleport back to Sharn.
Far, 13th Vult (Day One Hundred and Ninety Three):The party return to Wroat and meet with King Boranel and his advisors to give a full account of what happened, They later meet with Trelib who informs them of numerous other assassination attempts, trelib also hands the party a summons from prince Oargev and a medal from Breland. The party then teleport home to Sharn.

During the week Fade becins enhancing Yannar’s sword, Yannar did some research into current events and politics and Edward carried out some simple mercenary work, Renauld pined for Zelina

Far, 20th Vult (Day Two Hundred): The party teleport to New Cyre and meet Prince Oargev who wishes for the party to travel into the Mournland to find anything they can of the cause of the mourning or the royal family of Cyre. Yannar and Fade catch up with Art Fond and Edward buys a hat. The party decide to head to gatherhold but Fade wants to buy a scroll of Magnificent Mansion first, the halfling waitress informs them that the scroll will probably be sold in Gatherhold.
Sar, 21st Vult (Day Two Hundred and One): The party teleport to gatherhold and Fade locates the scroll she needs, the party book into a luxury hotel for the rest of the day.
Sul, 22nd Vult (Day Two Hundred and Two): The party hire some soarwings and begin the two and a half day flight to the edge of the mournland.

Wir, 25th Vult (Day Two Hundred and Five): The party begin their trek into the Mournland. They encounter an abandoned lightning rail train and a Karrnathi warcamp, they are attacked by a crazed Cadaver Collector, the party rest just outside Metrol and then head into the city. They encounter the lost inhabitants of the city and eventually make it to the palace, they search the area and eventualy discover the throne room where King Dannel’s remains are sat on the throne, the victim of an assassination. The party take what remains of the assassins goods and the royal regalia from the king. The party search more of the palace and then teleport back to their apartment.
Zor, 26th Vult (Day Two Hundred and Six): The party return to Oargev in New cyre who initially disbelieves the party have returned so soon from the mournland, he quickly changes his mind when the party show him the royal regalia and he thanks them profusely.
Far, 27th Vult (Day Two Hundred and Seven): The party take care of trivial matters, Fade carries on improving Yannar’s sword
Sar, 28th Vult (Day Two Hundred and Eight): The party meet with Trelib who believes Redren d’Deneith was somehow behind all of the assassination attempts at the parade. He also mentions a professor at Morgrave university was after Medani assistance and may be worth investigating. The party meet with the professor who says he has rediscovered the 13th moon Crya, the party investigate this phenomenon, meeting with Havakhad and Hanamelk, Orset and finally consulting the shade of Vvarak.

Year 999YK

Sul, 1st Zarantyr (Day Two Hundred and Nine): The party decide to infiltrate the Deneith enclave, after hours of planning Renauld and Edward set off under the cover of dusk. They search the enclave until they find the office of Redren d’Deneith, they wait until he leaves and then search the rooms, They find a trapped box, a scroll case and an article about the death of professor Vallen last night.
Mol, 2nd Zarantyr (Day Two Hundred and Ten): The party investigate the death of the professor, the ask the watch, his wife and the university but all say he died in his sleep. They return to Morgrave and find Professor Witherleaf has taken over professor Vallen’s research but the location of the moon has been lost, Fade remembers the position enough for them to rediscover it. The Professor calculates that the moon is heading towards Eberron, they calculate there is a bit less than 28 days until the moon impacts. The party gather various professors to investigate the phenomenon. Redren appears and invites the party to house Deneith to supposedly provide them with answers.
Zol, 3rd Zarantyr (Day Two Hundred and Eleven):* Renauld gets a message that Zelina wishes to meet him later. The party head to Deneith and are shown to Redren’s office, he boasts that the Quori will win imminently, after an intense battle he is however defeated, he reveals that the party have become wanted fugitives before dying.


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