There are a number of titles in the nation of Khorvaire granted by position, birthright or merit. some are a prefix to the name whereas others modify the surname.

d’ Surname: a person with the d’ prefix is a marked member of a dragonmarked hose, while there are a vast number of different families within a house only a few contain the potential to manifest a dragonmark and not all members are guaranteed to manifest one. For example, a member of House Orien may go by the name of Failin Arthun but upon manifesting a dragonmark will go by the name Failin d’Orien.

ir’ Surname: families with the ir’ prefix are recognised as noble families and almost always confer some other noble title such as Duke or Lord. notable noble families include the royal ir’Wynarn line and the ir’Tains of Sharn.

Baron/Baroness: one of the clauses in the Korth edicts allowed the leaders of the twelve dragonmarked hoses to assume the honorary title of Baron or Baroness, though this title confers no benefit or responsibility beyond that of a house leader.

Lord/Lady: the title of Lord or lady can be assumed by any member of a noble family or any marked member of a dragonmarked house (although many families with dragonmarked bloodlines are recognised as noble in their own right). Assuming the title of Lord/Lady is not mandatory and many dragonmarked individuals forgo the right except in the most official of circumstances.

Keeper/High Cardinal/Cardinal/Bishop/Templar/Deacon: The church of the silver flame is a strongly hierarchical organisation and all members are expected to defer to those above them, a member of the church often includes their position during introductions.

Marshal/General/Captain/lieutenant etc. The military organisation of house Deneith imparts various titles of command upon its members, when speaking to fellow members of house Deneith it is customary to refer to superiors by rank.


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