The Last War is over.

After the Day of Mourning, the warring nations of Khorvaire quickly came to realize that victory was impossible. The best the beleaguered continent could hope for was a lasting peace. What had been Five Nations united under the throne of Galifar was now twelve sovereign kingdoms, shocked by the wasteland that was once Cyre.

Two years later, representatives from these nations hammered out the Treaty of Thronehold, a set of agreements to cease hostilities and establish new boundaries. After a hundred years. Khorvaire was at peace.

Still, the Last War might never be over.

Few people are willing to say it aloud. but they all know in their hearts that the peace of Thronehold is a fragile thing indeed.

And now, with the Dreaming Dark moving behind the scenes to re-ignite hostilities between the nations, it seems all too likely that Khorvaire will be plunged back into the nightmare of the last war…

Nightmares of the Last War

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