Nightmares of the Last War

Nightmares of the Last War, an NPCs tale pt.2

Session 2 from NPCs point of view.

Shank, as he called himself (itself?), was waiting in the darkness of the sewer, his companions(employers? comrades?) had come and gone twice so he reckoned he must have been down here for a day, he was getting bored(impatient? angry?), he wanted action, he wanted to kill(maim, rend). He heard the steel grate being moved out of the way, the two shifters were at the other end of the sewer so this must be someone new, Shank didn’t know if he was excited or not, he never was good with emotions so he just hid himself as best he could and anticipated the kill.


Urz had found this old abandoned forge more by luck than judgement, if he had the money he’d stock up on supplies and never again venture up into the city, no, forget that, f he had the money he’d get a ticket on the first lighting rail out of this scumhole and back to Darguun.

Urz sighed mournfully, this city was all wrong. He’d heard tales of the great Sharn, city of towers, it’s majestic spires reaching to the sky, built on the solid foundations of the great [[Dhakaani empire | Dhakaani empire], Urz thought the city was built on the goblin foundations like maggots “build” on an infected wound. There was no honour here, no trust or decency, everyone was working against one another like those despicable Gnomes, there was no law here, the pathetic weaklings that were supposed to uphold the law were scared of their own city. They were restrained by their “rules”, Urz spat on the ground at the thought of it, they called it law but it was nothing more than petty rules to keep people like him from achieving anything.

Urz froze as he heard the sound of shifting stone, the sound of faraway voices, he glanced over at the package on the stone workbench, Gata had sent someone to take back his box of poison. Urz readied his crossbow and took position so he could see both the doors and the hole on the ceiling, if they wanted the package so badly, he’d make sure they deserved it.



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