Cold Sun Tribes

Twenty four tribes of allied lizardfolk from Q’Barra make up the Cold Sun. Though the tribes are united though common worship they are each independantly led and often disagree about matters such as territory, hunting rights and what action to take about the Human settlers to the west and the Blackscale and Poison Dusk lizardfolk to the east.

Notable tribes-
Twilight walkers- This clan often acts as mediators and impartial advisors to the other clans, it contains White-Eyes Twilight Walker among its members. The twilight walkers are one of the clans that wish to coexist peacefully with the Human settlers.

Blood Crescent This tribe is one of the Seven that border the Human territories, they were the first to strike out against the rapid expansion of the humans and still harbour deep grudges against the humans and especially the Riedran soldiers.

Blue Sky This tribe is renowned for their breeding and usage of the Glidewings that they use to hunt and scout with, they also transport emissaries to and from the border of New Galifar.

Cold Sun Tribes

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