Goods and Services

The Dragonmarked houses of Khorvaire offer a wide variety of goods and services bot to individual consumers and to governments and organisations. Following are a few of the most commonly offered goods and services.

House Cannith
Make whole- 50gp
Mending- 5gp
repair light damage- 10gp

as house Cannith is the house of making, nearly all mundane goods, weapons and armour can be purchased from house Cannith, everything under Adventuring gear and Special substances and items Here and also a variety of minor magical items.

House Jorasco
Cure light wounds- 8gp
Gentle repose- 60gp/ 3 days
Lesser Restoration- 50gp
Remove disease- 125gp
Remove blindness/Deafness- 125gp
Neutralise poison- 250gp

Medical check-up (heal check)- 3sp
Long term care- 7sp/day

House Jorasco also offers a number of other restorative spells cast by its numerous adepts and also healing potions of varying strength.

House Kundarak
Arcane Lock- 50gp
Explosive Runes- 150gp

House kundarak offers a variety of banking facilities ranging from item storage to loans.

House Lyrandar
Airship travel 1gp/mile
Elemental Galleon travel 1sp/mile

House Orien
Dimension leap- 1sp/10ft
Teleport- 10gp/mile (minimum 300gp)

Coach/caravan travel- 1sp/mile
Lightning rail travel- 5sp/mile
Mail service 1cp/mile

House Sivis
Arcane Mark- 5gp
Whispering Wind- 50gp
Illusory Script- 90gp
Sending- 250gp

Translation- 2gp/page
Message station sending- 5gp/page

Goods and Services

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